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Hugo .Scratch explained

Working variables in Hugo can be complicated when coming from classic languages.

What you usually do :

$greetings = "Good Morning";
if($sky == "dark"){
	$greetings = "Good Night";
echo $greetings;

That next bit of code would be tempting :

{{ $greetings := "Good Morning" }}
{{ if eq $sky "dark" }}
	{{ $greetings := "Good Night" }}
{{ end }}
{{ $greetings }}

But that won’t happen :(

The only way to override variables or attach any kind of value to a .Page object is to use .Scratch

.Scratch is a life saver but its documentation is a bit light if, like me, you are not comfortable with the Go language.

Here is my take about Hugo’s .Scratch and how it can help you.

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